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Replacing an entire fence can be an expensive and difficult task. Simpson Strong-Tie offers a line of products designed to help make reinforcing fence posts easy and economical. The E-Z Base, E-Z Mender and E-Z Spike offer simple solutions for all types of fence post projects.

E-Z Mender (Model No. FPBM44E)

  • Allows easy repair of rotted or damaged 4x4 wood posts installed in concrete or dirt
  • Reinforces weakened wood posts without having to replace the post or the concrete
  • Installs with #9 x 1 1/2" Strong-Drive® SD Connector screws
  • Sold individually; use in pairs


  • 12 gauge


  • Black powder coat


  • See flier Make Fence Post Repair E-Z (F-C-EZFPP)
  • Attach post to E-Z Spike or E-Z Base with (8) 1/4" Strong-Drive SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws or 1/4" HDG lag screws and attach post to E-Z Mender using (6) HDG nails or screws per part
  • Post bases do not provide adequate resistance to prevent rotation about the base and therefore are not recommended for non-top-supported installations such as fences or unbraced carports


The E-Z Base and E-Z Spike products should not be used for solid fences in excess of 4' in height or that are unprotected from wind forces. These products are not rated for uplift loads, and should not be used with posts for overhead structures or any other structure that requires resistance to wind uplift loads. Notwithstanding the terms of the Limited Warranty, Simpson Strong-Tie does not guarantee, represent or warrant that this product will prevent or reduce damage caused by corrosion, or any seismic, wind, atmospheric, or other load-producing event.

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